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Wheel2Wheel side steps/nurf bars for LWB

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Does anyone know of a source for wheel to wheel side steps or nurf bars? I want the third step because I plan to have a truck cap with a rack on top someday and need a way to reach up there.

I saw one on a Dodge Ram 2500 that was a Westin Platinum but when I started checking I couldn't find one for the Nissan.
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N-Fab makes wheel-to-wheel bars w/ 3 steps for the LWB. Call them for pricing (it's not listed on their website).
The part number is N04105CC-6. They are 105" long. One price I got was $599 + shipping through a Driver FX affiliate store. N-Fab said that's who they ship through and there are no dealers in my area so I have a long drive to the closest one.

If anyone finds an online source I'd appreciate it. Otherwise I'll go with the factor steps and not worry about the 3rd step for reaching the truck cap cargo rack.
4wheelparts is also a vendor for them. Call them up. I think Go Rhino Dominator II is also a 3-step. I prefer the N-Fab's, but hey whatcha gonna do? LOL
when i need to get up on my racks i use the tire, but i can see why you'd want something closer to the cab. good luck, where kind of cap are you looking at?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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