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Wheeli Pics

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well i went to rattle snake bar, a part of Folsom Lake in northern Cali. it was the fist week that it rained so we went out wheelin. very stupid of us that we did not bring anything to help out if i got stuck. i almost didnt bring my cable. anyways i made it through this mud pit one way but when i tried going the other way i just pretty much stopped. i should have putmy skid plate back on becasue i could have got more speed and not cared about harming my truck. anyways here are the pics. a yota and a jeep pulled (more like yanked) me out. the jeep broke...ring and pinion maybe????haha i at least bought him beer. enjoy!


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sweet pixs!
owned! damn, you're stuck!! :eek2:
wow! didn't realize the lake was that low.
kman said:
wow! didn't realize the lake was that low.
yep, its crazy!
damn, you got so much mud on your tires they look like brown slicks.
Bet that was fun. Till you had to clean all that crap out. lol Great Pics!!
that's some deep sh... great pics!
Nice window sticker... :teethmast
that's a deep hole you were in "literally" haha,
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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