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Where are you 4X4 guys mounting your trans temp guage?

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I've seen several posts where people are mounting their trans temp gauges in the blank for the 4X4 selector switch and it looks great there, but where are the 4X4s mounting their gauges?
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Mounted a 2-1/16" phantom gauge in the blank in the overhead console. Think it will look good once I put the angle adapters behind it. As for the sending unit, I cut the transmission cooling hose just before the radiator tank and put a 3/8" brass tee with 3/8 barb fittings for the lines and put the 1/8 to 3/8 adapter in the middle tee opening and placed the sending unit in there. One thing to remember is that this unit needs to be grounded, so a wire on the outside of the tee and a hoseclamp to hold it on the tee with the other end to a ring terminal to the chassis.
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