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Where do you buy a QX56 leather center console lid?

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My searches are all coming up empty.
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I just bought mine from I had to call them though. You can't pull it up on their website. Or at least I couldn't. I just called and they have one on the way to me.
Ok then how much for one, I would like to see one myself
Here's a pic of one installed. I paid $90 for mine.


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Is that the graphite color? The dark gray?
I like that, now I need one thanks. I did look on the site and did find it for $90 thats again
I do believe that's the graphite(gray) one. That's what I ordered. I hope it's right.
can you put it in the XE?:huh:
djmars20 said:
can you put it in the XE?:huh:
I didn't think the XE had a center console? I thought they were column shifters.
djmars20 said:
can you put it in the XE?:huh:
no its for the popular package w/captain seats. The xe has the big center seat/storage box there which is a nice arm rest.
I bought mine at is a link, its under the collision replacement parts sections.
It is the graphite one, it matches the dark LE interior perfectly.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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