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do you park in the garage??

  • yes, with plenty of room to spare

    Votes: 13 13.3%
  • yes, with inches to spare

    Votes: 25 25.5%
  • no, other cars/stuff in the garage

    Votes: 30 30.6%
  • no, garage too small

    Votes: 30 30.6%

where do you park you titan?? in the garage or outside

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just was wondering where everyone parks their titan in the garage or outside. i know with me in my garage i have a few inches in the back and about 8inches in the front when i back in my garage.
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outside, we have 9 motorcycles plus other toys in the double garage :rollingsm
I've got a three car garage (2 and 1). Trucks are made to live outside, but it wouldn't fit in them anyway, the shell is too high to fit in the door.
turned mine into a bed room.. it would have never fit the titan if it were empty..
My current garage is too neon sleeps there.

I'm moving in three weeks to a place with a two-car garage that "looks" big enough...but we'll find out.
i have a 3 car garage. i parallel park the titan inside. and feed her caviar.
I have 2 + 1 garages. The Titan started out in the garage. My tool fetish has displaced the Titan, which now resides in the driveway.
I don't have a garage wasn't an option. Sorry I cannot participate in your poll :dunno: lol
Garage is too small to fit, besides I have my girlfriend hide her FORD sport-trac in there so nobody knows we have that turd. lol
greg77 said:
I don't have a garage wasn't an option. Sorry I cannot participate in your poll :dunno: lol

lol sorry didn't even think of that, is there a way to modify polls or no once they started?
greg77 said:
I don't have a garage wasn't an option. Sorry I cannot participate in your poll :dunno: lol
And yet you still felt compelled to post? :huh: Well, :fktardxpl

Garage is too small for my truck. Heck, my Porsche barely fits in there with all my tools!
Garage to short and not deep enough!!!

But there will be plenty of room for a new kit car!!!! :rofl:
Park it inside during the winter, outside in the summer:rollingsm
Dimensions of the garage and the truck don't really mesh. 17 foot garage, 20 foot Titan. Outside she stays. Wifey's car gets the garage.
Wifes 4 Runner and my S2000 are in the garage. Im in the process of building a new house, im trying to figure out if i can get another slot.
I have a large 3 car garage, but the cutlass conv. takes up one bay and the wood shop takes up the other 2. Oh well.

The titan will fit but barely, if I roll some things out of the way.
Titan is outside in the rain as I write this. The current garage door would hit half way up the windshield. So my wife's grand prix uses it along with all the yard equipment. Planning on building a new 24'x24' garage with 8 foot doors this fall though.
In my last 2 garages the Titan fit by inches, but they were rental houses. I closed on my new house 2 weeks ago and I'm still trying to learn to "deal" with my truck being outside (garage is 1.25" too short :crying: ). On the bright side though, I guess I either need another car or bike(s) to fill the empty space...which I'm searching for online as I type this :rollingsm !!!
My garage is way too small I can't even fit the wife's G35 in there. I went to the city to try and get a bigger garage built and they won't let me build the one I want. Just wanted a 3 car garage. I'm only aloud to build a 2 car unless I add more square footage to my house. I live in a historical part of town and my house was built in 1898.....:bouncy:
uh.... I don't have a garage so I guess I would have to say my garage is too small for it to fit in :wierd:
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