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Where to get 2008 Bull Bar?

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Cabelas has an aries bull bar for $229.99, but application guide says only 04-07.

Who has an 08 with bull bar?

Since they changed the grille for 08, do the bull bars not fit from 07 anymore?

Im looking for any kind of Black Bull Bar..I like Westin / Hunter / Aries , etc..
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Nissan changed the grill for '08, but the towhooks and the locations in the bumper should have remained the same. Unless they changed something about the front frame member where the towhooks attach, all the bullbars should still work just fine on them.
I bought one from 4WheelParts online brand Smittybuilt. Bolted up just fine. Listong showed 04-08.
I bought a Westin for an 07 and it bolted on my 08 fine. The towhooks are in the exact same location.
I don't remember exactly because I bought it with the KC Slimlites at the same time. I think it was somewhere around $300-$320.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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