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where to get lug nuts

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i had a blow out last year and the locking lug nuts ticked me off so i took all of them off and threw them across the road. any way i just bought a new set of 285/75/18 nitto dune grapplers (for $877.70:clap:) and i want to have all my lug nuts but not the locking ones. so does any one know what size they are or whatever so i can startr lookin? thanx guys
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The ones that came on my 2004 w/ the offroad wheels are 12 mm x 1.25

Courtesy Parts used to sell new takeoff OEM nuts for a reduced price, I dunno if they still have those or not. I have seen some Gorilla lugnuts which look pretty decent. My wife came home from the tire shop with some POS splined lugnuts after buying wheels and snow tires for her Highlander. I dunno what brand they are, but they are the worst, cheesiest garbage I have ever seen. So it is apparently possible to buy complete crap if you are not careful.

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