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Where To Get OEM Replacement Nuts?

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Any websites you guys use to get replacement bolts and/or nuts? I went to install my exhaust today and first bolt on tail pipe snapped right off. On my Honda Pilot, I had a website where I could just buy all the OEM bolts directly and they have a very nice diagram showing each location.

Do we have a site like this for our Titans?

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your local dealership should have them. ive also used bolts ect. from hardware stores :)
Try Nissan Parts | Online Nissan OEM Parts and Accessories, but I'm sure you could get them cheaper at a local hardware store. I'll never go to a dealership again because the one that is near me charges double the website I linked in this post.
For nuts and bolts go to a hardware store. If yo ugo to the dealer you're paying Pentagon's price.
I dunno where to find matching stuff with diagrams, and its kind of a PITA cuz Nissan doesn't list the standard specs for nuts and bolts along with the part #, but I have found stuff at the sites below. If you have a metric thread gauge / bolt identifier it makes it easier. You also have to pay attention to the class/grade of the nuts and bolts so you aren't replacing a high strength 10.9 class bolt with a weak cheapo bolt.


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