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Which Boston G1 do I need?

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I am currently running a 12" Rockford P1 in my tech12volt box (yeah, I'm a sucker and got scammed by him. There sure a lot of us on here) *edit*(this previous statement is a joke, just a reference to a long gone member with choice thoughts on pioneer premier subs). Anyways, the P1 isn't the right sub for my setup, basically because it is 8ohms I believe. Right now, I have a Rockford P3001 amp running things. It is 2ohm and 4ohm stable, right now just one speaker output is connected to my sub (all it can take anyways). Here's the link to its specs of the amp:

Which 12inch boston should I get and how do I wire it? Is a G1 actually the best speaker to go with the box that I have and the power the amp can make? Any other speaker suggestions based upon the enclosure that James makes? I got this money burning a hole in my pocket and I know James wants it(and deserves it)!! But anyone please chime in. And if you are looking for a P1 (cheap) it should be available in about a week.
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tholmes said:
Totally joking guys. :cheers: I am poking fun at kha4079 who *sniff* is no longer a member here. Sorry, I just like to beat a dead horse until it is a skeleton. In all seriousness, I am really looking for advice and I have only the highest regard and respect for James, as well as everyone else on here. Otherwise, I wouldn't be offering to buy something from him. I'm putting money where my mouth is on this one. Contributing to the "keep Tech12 in business" account.
thanks bro and you need a single 4 ohm 12 inch g1 and you will hear a big difference.
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