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Which box should I use?

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I was tired of my rear seat being lifted up with a huge box taking up the room and only 1 person being able to sit in the back.So my friend and I decided to try out something by building a box to fit the speaker in front the seat and carry under the seat and going across. We arent box geniuses and it was our 1st box we built besides for the recommended enclosure we build. It sounds nice but had leaks everywhere so I had to go back and re seal it.Not to bad for a 18 and 19 yr old I think. I also had another one built.A center console box that wraps over the rear seat.You'll see in my pics. The speaker hit a tad on the bottom so I built a ring to lift it up a little.Oh yeah its a Rockford T2. Sounded good before the ring but my amp is off to get fixed being the powersupply is bad on it so ill have to wait to hear it when its back.
Which box you guys/girls think I should use? Im leaning more towards the console box being it sounds better but in the other box its louder with a little less quality.I was a bass head but im getting more into clarity

shoot me for writing so much also"misslelau

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Out of the two, I would say use the center console box. I am asusming that with the console box you can still carry 2 passengers in the back. So it would be like you had 4 separate seats in the truck, only 2 of them would be divided by a kinda high console with a giant subwoofer in it :)

that's my $0.02
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