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Which Magnaflow is equivalent to Flowmaster 40?

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I'm ditching the Flowmaster 40 for a Magnaflow that way if my cats come apart again it will get shot out unlike the baffled 40 series and cost me a new motor. I do like the sound of the 40 series so I was wondering what would be similar to it if not a little louder from Magnaflow. Thanks :cheers:
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I have an 18 inch magnaflow. I would go with a 14 inch since my 18 is not that loud. I think they even make an 11 inch. But mine is a dual in design being an 07.
Good luck.
Mine does the same popping noise. Sounds like an old glass pack when the engine is cold and more than half throttle. I hope a resonator eliminates that.
I think the glasspack sound is a Titan trait with a Magnaflow. I had a Dodge Hemi with a 22 inch Magnaflow and it was louder and no glasspack sound. Maybe someone else knows how to eliminate the glasspack sound.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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