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Which Magnaflow is equivalent to Flowmaster 40?

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I'm ditching the Flowmaster 40 for a Magnaflow that way if my cats come apart again it will get shot out unlike the baffled 40 series and cost me a new motor. I do like the sound of the 40 series so I was wondering what would be similar to it if not a little louder from Magnaflow. Thanks :cheers:
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I had the magnaflow 5x8 oval 2.5 dual in 2.5 single out with the smallest case 14" (supposedly the loudest) part #12158 and to me its not even that loud the only thing that i dont care for is this kind of popping noise when at wide open throttle other than that i love it, i actually wish it was a little louder. mine is just a muffler replacement i have an 07 titan:cheers:
robpos said:
Mine does the same popping noise. Sounds like an old glass pack when the engine is cold and more than half throttle. I hope a resonator eliminates that.
when you are on it hard while accelerating, sound like an old cholo impala with glasspacks. haha!
well i have never heard the banks so i couldnt tell you, however i have zero drone with the magnaflow unlike my buddies f150 with a flowmaster which makes my brain feel like its gonna implode while driving on the freeway.
well everyone has a different opinion of what loud is, i dont consider the 14" magnaflow on my truck LOUD it sounds good to me, but my first car was a mustang that i dropped a 351 windsor in with hooker full length headers with dual 3" two chamber flowmasters with turned down tips that stopped just behind the two front seats with no cats, now that is what i would consider a car that was LOUD. but back in high school (10 years ago) it was cool to have a car that you could barely hear the stereo in.:bang:
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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