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Which Magnaflow is equivalent to Flowmaster 40?

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I'm ditching the Flowmaster 40 for a Magnaflow that way if my cats come apart again it will get shot out unlike the baffled 40 series and cost me a new motor. I do like the sound of the 40 series so I was wondering what would be similar to it if not a little louder from Magnaflow. Thanks :cheers:
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I have the Magnaflow 18" and it is much louder outside than inside. Everyone compliments me on it. And to answer your question, anything magnaflow makes is going to outflow the 40 series. Probably give you a little more power as flowmasters only make more power over stock. But the magnaflow will NEVER sound like ANY flowmaster. They have such a distinctive and enjoyable sound, just don't make more power.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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