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Which mod would you go with

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I've been thinking about spending some $ and putting NISMO headers on my truck. My question is... would you guys go with the headers or the Stillen VKPRO?

The headers would go good with my Fram Boost cold air intake and Zoomers exahust but I'm still thinking about the programmer.

Any advice??
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Get a programmer first, then tune your truck for a/f ratio with the headers on for maxium hp.
I'd do the headers to compliment the CAI.

And next would be the Cipher instead of the VKPro. More adjustability and programming capabilities. And I believe they are about the same price, IIRC.
Whats the word on the VKPRO? Anything good? According to some of the threads I've read it doesnt sound so great...
From what I've read and heard, it's ok for anyone who just wants to pop a couple extra horses onto their truck without worrying about it or adjusting anything or tuning it in with new mods. It's basically Ron Popeil style plug it in and forget about it. The Cipher seems to just have so many more features. I can't say the VKPro doesn't work. I'm just saying that for the same money, it wouldn't be my first choice.
I have an appointment with the dealer in about 40 mnts. Im going to talk to them about the headers when I get there. The truck is going in because of a squeaky passenger seat. I plan on making a decision in a couple of days.
So I dropped my 06 red alert 4x4 CC off at the dealer and one of the service writers said, why dont you try washing this thing once in awhile. Another writer got inside and said, and why dont you try driving it once in awhile. Then he tells the other writer, its only got 6,000 miles on it. At this time 3 other guys walk over and start talking about how sweet of a truck it was and how it was just named the #1 truck overall (in some magazine) and the Tundra #2.

I gotta say I enjoyed the complements!

So now Im waiting for the parts dept. to call me with a price for putting on the headers.

Im thinking if its too high I may just go with the Stillen plug and play programmer.
From what I've read on here, headers are a bit labor intensive to install on these trucks. And ESPECIALLY at a stealership! You may not like what they tell you. Don't have any gearhead friends who need beer? I don't expect this is anything a novice may want to tackle, but a wrencher can do it. Good luck!
They gave me some crap about how my extended warranty could be affected if I installed them myself. I smelled the bs right off the bat, but went with the flow....

He told me if I installed them and later expeirenced engine trouble of any kind my warranty would'nt cover the problem.

He said the same thing about installing aftermarket headers.

Im really leaning towards the vkpro. I may give Kyle from Stillen a call.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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