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Which NAV disks work for an 05?

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I noticed that the navigation system for an 05 is much different than an 06 (functionality wise). If I have an 05, how can I make it function just like the 06? What I mean is if I get the latest NAV disk and put it in my 05 will it update the functionality of the 05 in addition to the regular map data? Or, do I have to get a NAV disk that has the latest data but is specifically made for an 05?
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anybody know the answer to this?
I believe the '04 and '05 use the same technology, 6.x, , and the latest version is 6.6- the '06 and up use a different system. They use version 7.x (don't know what version they are up to).

Basically, use the same series, just the newest version for an '05. I have the same system as you and had looked at updating recently.

thx. that is what I was looking for. I guess I was hoping that you could put the 7.x disk in and it would update the firmware and software to what I saw in the 06.
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