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Which offset: +18mm or -12mm?

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Truck is an '08 4x4 with Pro Comp lift and Sway-A-Way coilover setup. Will be running 35" Toyo Open Country MTs. DO NOT want the rolling stock sticking out more than necessary. I'm pretty sure the +18mm offset clears, just need affirmation. Thanks!
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b-rad 07 said:
The plus +18mm offset will clear. I am running 17x8 +18 Moto Metals with 295/70/17 and the tires just stick out a little bit.
A few of points to consider why your example might not be proof that this will work in ptgarcia's case.
  1. Your profile states you drive an '07. Do you know that the '08 Titans have the same clearance to the steering-knuckle/spindle and fenders as the '07? I hope this is the case and it probably is ...
  2. The tires you run are almost stock size, where the ones he's considering are one of the widest 35s that people put on Titans.
  3. He did not state the purposed wheel width. Your +18 offset, 8" width wheels have a backspacing of 5 1/4". If he's talking about 9" rims, (a likely aftermarket size with the Toyo MTs with a 35), his backspacing would encroach towards the spindle by another 1/2", for 5.75" of backspacing. If 10" rims, the backspacing would be 6.25" with a +18mm offset. Offset is only used for finding the backspacing, (along with the rim width). Backspacing tells you how much clearance you have, and how far the wheel will stick out, compared to stock, (once you know the stock width and backspacing).
On a '04-'07 with stock wheels and the the Fabtech lift, it would clear*, but stock backspacing on these years is 5.5", (5.375" on the Off Road or XE 7.5" wide wheels), but in ptgarcia's case, (if 9" rims), they will encroach an extra 1/4". Maybe more ... maybe less, depending on if the '08 has the same clearance.

*Titan Lift and Shock Overview, paragraph 2, by PrerunnerGreg
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