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Hello All, I am a new member to your forum. We live along the MS coast in winter and in Canada in the summer. Have never owned a Titan truck before but looking at them for towing both a boat and a small travel camper. Have the Opty for two at good deals: both have V8s and are well equipped. One is a 2011 SL with about 52k miles and the other is a 2015 pro 4 model with only 5k miles. Price difference is only about $8k so leaning toward the 2015. My Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk will have to go as it is rated for only 4500 pounds tow capacity. On the surface seems like a "no brainer" but thought I would ask the experts. Thanks.
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Do either of the Titans come equipped with a tow package? Are they similar in cab configuration or bed lengths? All things being equal, the '15 sounds like the better deal, as long as you like the color.
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