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Hello All, I am a new member to your forum. We live along the MS coast in winter and in Canada in the summer. Have never owned a Titan truck before but looking at them for towing both a boat and a small travel camper. Have the Opty for two at good deals: both have V8s and are well equipped. One is a 2011 SL with about 52k miles and the other is a 2015 pro 4 model with only 5k miles. Price difference is only about $8k so leaning toward the 2015. My Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk will have to go as it is rated for only 4500 pounds tow capacity. On the surface seems like a "no brainer" but thought I would ask the experts. Thanks.
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The SL will most likely have 2.94 gears (7300 pounds towing) The Pro4x comes standard with 3.36 gears (9300 pounds towing). Go with the Pro4x. The towing package, as mentioned above, only gives you a hitch, trailer brake wiring, and 7 pin connector, Pro 4x should have that standard too.
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