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Which wheels spins?

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I have a 2wd XE. Which wheel gets the power and why?

And is the Trutrac worth the money?
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And what is the going rate to have it installed here in AZ?
The right wheel is usually the spinner, due to torque re-action the right wheel gets a little lighter...
I think the TruTrac is worth it...I'm guessing the install to be around 300-500 scheckles...
Tru-Trac is def. worth every penny!
I paid 400 for install, amny report getting it put in for 300. TT cost 520-600 with bearings. YES, it is worth having this upgrade! Safety in snow, for us 2 wheelers, and overall driving. A most practical performance upgrade. Really more important than the CAI or CatBacks that we all seem to jump on first... :)
Both rear wheels get equal power. With the open differential you have, when one wheel starts to slip, (and you don't have ABLS) all the power then goes to the spinning wheel. I'd go with the tru trac if I had a 2WD.
Truetrac is probably the second best thing I've done. Best was the Up Rev tuned.:D I paid $120 and that include them using their oil for the install.:D
loufish said:
The right wheel is usually the spinner...
......if you're stuck, have the truck in drive and hit the gas, it's the passenger-side spinning

If stuck and have truck in reverse, the driver-side wheel spins

I think!
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