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Whiplash Racing in snowflake. Whos going????

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Sweet. I'm down for that too.
Ill be there fri sat and sun doing photos and hanging some buddies racing. Unfortunatley my truck wont be done.
looks like i'll be up there saturday, should be good, a little trout fishing & racing!
kartman said:
Unfortunatley my truck wont be done.
debuting at lucerne later in september after all?
Unsure. Its a possibility but everything tkaes so long I really dont know.
Hmm I'll be working out in Needles that week! Its ONLY 330mi away.. ha I dunno - I'd love to, but doubt I'll make it. Just readin about it in another forum - sounds like its gonna be a blast!

I might drive up on Saturday. If my hangover isnt too bad. lol
The best racing will be with 1450 in the morning on sat. 20 trucks pre-reged.
Im moving this weekend, starting tomorrow. No can do
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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