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I took my truck in to the dealership for a oil change and to find out why my truck is whistling between 1500 and 2000 RPM. The said that all k&n cold air intakes make the noise due to the plastic tube? Is that true or is the something else making the noise?

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IIRc, almost all aftermarket intakes have been reported to have an increase of the whistle. Do a search through the performance forum, you can see which ones are more notorious of it than others.
I have the K&N one and it does whistle, I have gotten use to it and ignore it.:cool:
thanks, hopefully ill get uses to it cuz im not getting rid of the intake. its to nice too
Just don't get a throttle body spacer if you don't like the whistling
Why how bad does the whistle get?
Most TBS will make a whistle....I have a AEM Brute Force CAI and no whistle what so ever...I love this thing.
The Frame Boost I put on my old Ford made a whistle as well. I tightened all the screws and fasteners and the whistle stopped. It was really annoying. I havent put one on my Titan yet, but if they have a bad problem this is good info to know.

torker8403 said:
Why how bad does the whistle get?
I have a k&n intake and it had a small whistle and put a tbspacer and it whistles alot but I like it.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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