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Whistling when filling up?!

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I have an 08.5 crewcab se 4x4 and experience a whistling from the filler neck when I am putting gas in it. It's not just an air hiss, but a full on whistle, other customers could hear it. It is a flex fuel vehicle as well. Anyone else have this happening? I have been to three different gas stations and they all do it. I don't even have 1000 miles on it yet so it might go away, but I figured I'd throw this out there.
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I have an 06 and mine does the same thing. I think it is normal.
Mine doesn't make any whistling noises. But I do hear it GULP sometimes.:ugh:
I have a 08 and it doesn't make any sounds... well except the flutter of my cash coming out of my wallet.
I think your truck is broken.....return it immediately and ask that a new TSB be posted regarding this heinous issue. Next, place candles in a star shape on the dealership showroom floor and curse the Titan's very existence in our domestic space time continuum for it is wretched and foul and rife with problems such as this. Or.......realize that many vehicles do this. You're replacing air with fuel and that displaced air must go somewhere. Out the filler tube it is! On the way past the fuel nozzle, it whistles a tune of retreat for your's and other customer's delight.

Well good to hear some other vehicles do it too. I just figured I'd make sure it was normal, nothing kinked or pinched, because I've owned about 10 different cars and none of them ever did it. I also used to sell cars and given that I filled every car that I sold before delivering it to the customer, which was about 1800, and never had one whistle to me, I just wanted to make sure someone else had this happening. Thanks for putting my mind at ease.
Mine too.... The pitch gets higher when it's almost full... $70.00 later
I think it's normal. My new 08 does it, and our parts truck is an 08 as well, and it does it too. As far as I know of, all of the newer one's do it. Just watch out, mine hasn't done it, but our parts truck has to me several times, it'll burp fuel back out at you if you pull the nozzle out too quick or keep pushing when it is wishtling.
I have an 06, its done it since day one. I know its getting full when the tune changes, and I step over and get ready in case the pump doesnt stop. Its never happened on the Titan, but on my car, and once it happens, you dont want it to happen again ever on any car. Talk about a gas bath!!
happens to me too. it is the sound of the air coming out of the gas tank opening b/w the actual gas pump end and the hole it goes into. as you put gas in the tank, air is expressed out b/c you are replacing air with liquid. mine sounds like someone is whistling a nice tune.
I agree, gas showers are no fun, I regularly get one when fueling my boats because they do not have to have an evap system like a vehicle and therefore almost always burp a little gas on me. Thanks again for letting me know this is normal on some titans. And no Buildwonder, I am not a whiner that will demand a TSB issued for something that just happens. I just wanted to make sure it is not something that should be fixed under warranty.
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