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Who Has The Biggest Lifted Titan????????

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Wondering who on here has the biggest lifted TITAN and biggest tires too.

Post some pictures
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Pretty sure that would be titanpowerr... use to be cburns but I personally don't know any bigger then those two!
yuppp its my nizzle austizzle...his truck = beast mode
Ya know... At the end of the day I may not take the trophy home for biggest Titan, tallest Titan, or biggest wheels... but I do know what thing. I am KING of bedliner. :D

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Kody's truck was pretty big. 44in tires.
cnaulick is pretty big he was runnin 42s with straight axles
i think Kody had the tallest one with the biggest tires, like 16" lift or something and 44s
yea the drop bracket was pretty obvious. but that thing was huge. i could see his entire bumper over my tailgate when he was behind me headed to galveston.

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and I JIZZ IN MY PANTSS"idhitit2:
Onelowmini was up there as well

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Onelowmini was up there as well

Wow, good to see a show truck doing what it was made for! Thats a rarity.
One day my T is gonna be on this list
Me likey what I see, keepum coming!!!
I think Onelowmini had the biggest
Onelowmini's is siiick. Such a rarity too being that its probably one of the only lifted Sedona Titans.
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