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why is my spare tire melted ???

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I got a flat about a week or 2 ago and just remembered that when I put my spare tire on, its got big burn marks and the rubber is melted. I guess because of the exaust ??? anyone else notice this or is this just another one of my Titans stupid problems ?

Also I have a stock 07 exuast...
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Whoever installed your exhaust might have been a bonehead.
It actually sounds like operator error
Pics Please!!!!!
i've never had to change to the spare on my titan yet, but when i did on my sister's Xterra when she got a flat, she also had two burn marks on hers, on the same sidewall. looked like an exhaust burn but 2 parallel? nothing bad but the thing was the exhaust doesnt touch it. in fact it passes it completely. maybe it's a Nissan thing like the frame getting hot in that spot of the car?
If stock exhaust, you need to see the dealer and firmly request a replacement and file a complaint of design issue. No one should be driving on melted tires! Def see the dealer asap.
Are you sure that they aren't just rub marks from where it pulls up to the frame/cross members???? That's really all this sounds like instead of burns and it is common with the spare mounts.
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walleeme said:
Whoever installed your exhaust might have been a bonehead.

It is a stock exaust, never messed with it... so I dont think thats the case...

Also I know it is not rub marks.. its deffinatley melted...Ill take pics when the rain stops....
Maybe that tire is not the tire that was on the truck when the truck was built?
what do you mean by that ??? and Ill be back with pics in a few if I can find some frggin batteries...
Isn't your truck an 05?
How do you know that somebody at the dealer didn't melt a tire, and swap it under your truck before you bought it?
Good point, I dont know... My truck is an 07, I had an 05 but I sold it in march this year. They could have swapped it out while it was at the dealer before I bought it or when It died on me the past few times...

And about the pics I dont have a single AA battery in my house...I tried stealing from the remotes but they were all AAA... Ill make my way to walmart in a few hours
New to the forum anyway last week here in Florida we had a lighting storm.:flamed: It hit a tree by my driveway then followed the root under my drive came up through the concrete and burst two tires on my Titan Se. When I let the spare down there were two marks but I think they came from being pressed against the frame instead of burn marks.
Pics Please!!!!!!!!!!!
hmm maybe im crazy but I really thought they looked like burns
They are from the tire being held tight against the frame. I know exactly what you're seeing and they are about 2 inches wide each? Go measure the width of a frame rail on the bottom.

when I changed my tire, the tire was super dirty (brown) and where it was held against the frame, it had "new" stripes...
i think now we can rephrase "burn" marks to "really clean" marks.
if you can't take pics

a sketch will do

if you can't take pics

a sketch will do

Now that was pretty funny Rick. LMAO
I need that laugh. :rockon
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