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I think I know the answer after reading other post here. Just looking for some feedback. Here it is..... I have a 05 KC non BT with 95K on her. Trans drained and a fresh 14 qt back in. Rear axle seals replaced. then that tires and oil as needed. Just had the IPDM recall completed. The only thing they could find wrong and try to sell me was a plug for a screw in the RF tire. So i think she is go to go.
My question is I have a 05 Hualmark 20' Race Trailer. Dry like 3.5K Cabinets tools ect. 4K to 4.5K. Two or three quarter midget race cars @ 250lbs each. All in I'm thinking 5 to 6.5K give or take with 3 or 4 people food cooler.
I have a WD Hitch and a Brake controller. Towing local 1 to 2 hours away on the east cost.

??? Are we good to go ??? Will she pull it?

You'll have no problems. I know others towing tow package weights with non tow package equipped Titans.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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