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Will the 08 rims fit on 04 trucks?

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I'm looking to buy a set of 08 20in titan rims. Will the fit my 04 titan?

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Should be the same!!
Just be aware of the lugnut differences between the trim levels.
Cool, not sure if this guy in on this forum, but I met someone pulling out of a nissan dealer in Gaithersburg MD, with new rims on his 08, I stopped him and asked if he still had the stock 20s,. He is willing to sell them to me with tires for 950 bucks. Is that a good deal, I also need new tires, I still have my stock 04 rugged trails. So I figure I get kill two birds with one stone. He said his stock rims and tires only has 900 miles.
His truck is an LE and mine is a LE, did they change over the years?
That's not a bad deal, really. A good set of 17" tires will run you around $700-800. And that's without the rims.
Jeostang said:
His truck is an LE and mine is a LE, did they change over the years?
No. Not that I know of. SE has flat lugs, but I believe LE has tapered ones.
I traded in my 2004 for my 2008 and made them keep the new take-offs for the trade in. I was not about to give them my 20's for free. So in a nutshell Yes. I did go from 2x4SE to 4x4SE by the way.
The tires that come on those rims are getting really bad reviews. Decisions Decisions
is that true about the lugnuts? all trims have wheels with exposed lug nuts so they should all be the same in this regard (thread and pitch, shape of lug nut tip and wheel opening seat, etc). plus it does not make much financial sense for nissan to have different lug nuts.
Not all the trim levels have the same type of wheels.
looked it up myself and if this link is correct, looks like there are two sets. one for steel wheels and another for alloys. doesn't list 07 nor 08...[40224]+\(a60&cPath=1244_1245_1327_1332
Yes. I believe the steelies have the flat ones and the aluminum wheels have the tapered ones.
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