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Will these be OK?

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I've found some wheels and tires for my stock 05 XE 4x4 Non-OR to replace the steel wheels and worn tires that I like and just wanted to be sure they would fit correctly.

The rims are 17x8, Offset: 25mm, Bolt Pattern: 6-139, Rec. Tire Size: 285/70-17, Weight: 26.5lbs.
Alloy wheel Rim Wheel Spoke Black

The tires are Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo's in 285/70TR17.
Alloy wheel Tire Wheel Automotive tire Auto part

Also, what would be the largest tire I could run at stock height without any modifications?

Thanks for your help!
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Your choices should work just fine and look really good. That's about as big as you can go at stock ht. What brand are those wheels?
They are Dale Earnhardt Jr Octane, Black w/Polished Stainless Lip.

I found them at
Yeah, the stockers are approximately 33" tires.... That's about the limit with no suspension mods. Nice tires! Should serve you well.
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