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will they fit???

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i'm looking at getting some bridgestone dueler at revo in size 275/65tr18, will these fit on my stock wheels without any rubbing problems or anything, i'm stock, no leveling kit or anything.....also has anyone on here used these tires on their titan?? i've heard of the revo's being a good tire, but have never heard of or seen them on a titan before....any advice/help on the size or quality of these tires is greatly appreciated...thanks guys

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Any of these will fit on a stock '04-'07 OEM SE or LE 18x8" rim, without any suspension mods, trimming, etc.

The Bridgestone Revo AT P275/65R18 is only 32.1" diameter x 11" sidewall/section width..
The Bridgestone Revo AT P265/70R18 is 32.6" diameter x 10.7" sidewall/section width.
The BFGoodrich AT KO LT285/65R18/E is 32.7" diameter x 11.3" sidewall/section width.

Many people run the Revo's or the BFG AT KO's here, (I currently run the BFG). If you search on Revo, by clicking on "search" in the menu bar near the very top, you will probably find pics, if none of their owners' post their Revo baby pics here. For BFG, click on my sig pic.
hey thanks norcal....i'm currently on my 2nd set of crapyear sr-a's, don't wanna waste anymore money on another set of them, so thought i'd upgrade to something that i knew would last longer and would definitely perform better when i take the truck offroad
If you're going to off road much at all, seriously consider the BFG AT KO or another brand/model of light truck, (LT), tire. Passenger rated tires, (P275 ...), are fine for the 20 mph dirt road, and crawling up clear hills, but they tend to get side wall punctures and are not made for running over things like 6x9 river rocks at 35+ mph.
lol, and just when i thought i had found a replacement tire....i'll check out the bfg ko, what other tires would you look at besides those?
06_SMOKE_SE_CC said:
lol, and just when i thought i had found a replacement tire....i'll check out the bfg ko, what other tires would you look at besides those?
I haven't tried others on my Titan, but a lot of people here like the Nitto Terra Grappler AT, (they have light truck versions in two sizes that would work on a totally stock titan, [if you add a PRG leveling kit you would have even more options ... even some 35s].
LT275/70R18 E 33.27" x 10.94"
LT285/65R18 E 32.52" x 11.22"

The Nitto Dune Grappler, might be worth checking out if you plan a lot of sand off roading.
LT285/65R18 E in a 32.52" x 11.69"

Toyo owns Nitto, so their Open Country AT would be worth looking at too.
LT275/70R18 E 33.1" x 11.0"
LT285/65R18 E 32.5" x 11.4"

For a even more aggressive tread, you'd probably even be able to run a Toyo MT, the BFG KM2, or the Maxxis 762-Bighorn on the stock 18s.
Toyo MT 33x12.5R18LT ... ~11.9" wide on an 8" width rim*.
BFG KM2 LT305/60/18 E 32.6" x 11.8" ... on an 8" width rim*.
Maxxis Bighorn LT275/70R18 33.2" x 11"
*Btw, Toyo and BFG lists an 8.5" rim as minimum on these two, and some of the others listed above may not be within the range specified by their respective spec sheets, but lots of Titans are running much bigger tires on the stock rims without issue, so the choice is yours.

Remember to make sure the size has an LT either at the beginning or end, because many are also offered in the same size passenger rating.
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First time posting, but I have been reading here for a while and thanks for all the information. I was looking on the Bridgestone site and it lists that they have a LT285/65R18 for the Revo. Just wondered if anyone had experience with this tire?
Watch those "E" load rated tires. The extra weight will really make a diff. on your gas guage!
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