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will this fit for 08?

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has anyone tired to install this on thier 08 yet? or has anyone installed this any of thier titans? i was wondering how was the install time and how is quality. if so got any pics? i like this grille better than my chrome one, just not to fond about the vertical bars. was thinking about cutting it out and installing some wire mesh instead.
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Not 100% sure if it will fit, but I like your idea of cutting it out and installing some wire mesh instead. If you are looking to buy some high quality stuff that will last, call these guys and they can send some samples and help you out with exactly what you are looking for as far as size of the opening in the mesh and alloy/color of the mesh.

Belleville Wire Cloth Co., Inc - Woven Wire Mesh | Wire Cloth | Stainless Steel Wire Mesh | Wire Cloth Strainer
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