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Will this Tire/wheel combo fit?

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I am getting a PRG mini-lift for my Titan 4X4. My question is does anyone know if DC-1 wheels- Back Spacing = 4.53 in. Offset = -12mm. and LT295/70/17 Toyo MTs will fit without rub? Thanks for any insight.
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I read a post one time that someone with Moto Metal 951 9" wide with 4.5" backspacing, (b.s.), and the same size tires, (but Nitto Terra Grapplers), needed to do the pinch weld mod, because tires rubbed the fender at the pinch weld when turning the steering wheel to full lock.

Either just do the pinch weld mod, get an 8.5" width like the AR Thug w/4.5" backspacing, (still might have to trim a little), or an 8.5" w/b.s greater than 5", or 9" with b.s. > 5.10". Or just put them on the stock rims ... 5 3/8" b.s.

These suggestions only pertain to a 295 and a PRG level kit pr mini-lift. These tires are about 33.5" diameter and a fairly narrow 12" sidewall width on an 8.5 inch rim, or ~12.2" on a 9" rim.
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