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With the right options, the Kennesaw Mtn. bumper looks the best, in my opinion. The upper hoop on these models is something that I would go without, but the integrated Fogs, and D-Rings are awesome. Oh yeah, it's a heckuva lot less $$ than the ProArmor unit as well. They also make a rear bumper that is nice too. I hear they are hard to get ahold of though.


6,086 Posts
Wincher for 2004 - 2006 Armada and Titan


Base model wincher, winch mount or receiver style $500
Bumper only - $470


Grill Guard $130
Heavy Duty Grill Guard $185
D rings or shackle mounts $40 pair
Recessed 55 watt 5" offroad lights, $115 pair
Recessed 55 watt 6-3/8" offroad lights, $135 pair
Recessed 100 watt 8" lights in center of non-winch models - $275
Receiver tube (in addition to winch box) $60
Turn Signal/marker light set $45
LED turn signals $115
Light bar - $45
Rubber dock bumper - $40


Standard finish is satin black
Gloss black - $20 additional
Aluminum/Silver-Brite - $45
Spray on Bedliner - $100 in black, grey, red, green, or yellow
For custom colours, please call.

A Gloss Black winch mount bumper with D-rings,recessed 6-3/8" fogs and a reciever would be:

Winch Bumper: $500
D-Rings: $40
Lights: $135
Reciever: $60
Gloss: $20

Total: $735 + tax + S&H

A Road Armor bumper is gonna run around $1300++++

There is a thread that hashes all this out here:
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