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Window auto-roll-up stopped working on one side

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I have a 2004 King Cab SE, meaning only two powered windows. Both switches have manual and auto-roll functions in both directions, the important point being that a "full travel then click" of the switch will cause the window to automatically go all the way in the intended direction. This function worked well to roll both windows down last night while driving, then up again when I parked overnight. This morning my auto-roll-up function on the driver's side (only) stopped working consistently. The physical feedback and click of the switches sounds the same.

Is this a switch failure or something deeper in the vehicle? Has anyone else run across it before?
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I have an '04, on my driver's window auto-up, I have to pull the switch slightly so the window is started up before I click the auto function. (does that make sense?)

I don't know why but if it's all the way down and I pull the switch straight to the "auto" click it won't work.

No biggie with me until it won't work at all.
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