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Window closes then opens up 4inch on its own

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Hey so I've looked around and haven't found any one with this problem. The Drivers window is having a problem.
1. Sometimes it wont go down at all. Stuck in up position.
2. Sometimes when its all the way down it wont come back up. Stuck down.
3. Sometimes when I hit the automatic up button it will go all the way up then when it reaches the top in comes back down 4 inches or so.
Bad motor? Bad regulator? Switch?
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Had your #3 problem on my 2014 Pro4X. On auto-up, the driver's window would go to the top, then reverse, coming down about 4". Or sometimes, all the way down. Since I'm under warrantee, I had the dealer take a look the last time I was in (several problems - the window reversing, the well-known gas tank flow back, and a balky rear door locking mechanism). They couldn't find a mechanical fault with the window and "reset the electronic window controller." Sounded suspicious to me at the time, but I haven't had the problem repeat in the last 2 months since the reset.

Oh, and the dealer did get all the other items taken care of - rear door locking mechanism was replaced, as well as the gas tank overflow when filling issue - fixed with installation of a new charcoal canister and its vent valve. Keeping my fingers crossed on that one.

May be different issue with the window, since I didn't have the stuck open or stuck closed issues. Hope this helps!
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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