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Window closes then opens up 4inch on its own

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Hey so I've looked around and haven't found any one with this problem. The Drivers window is having a problem.
1. Sometimes it wont go down at all. Stuck in up position.
2. Sometimes when its all the way down it wont come back up. Stuck down.
3. Sometimes when I hit the automatic up button it will go all the way up then when it reaches the top in comes back down 4 inches or so.
Bad motor? Bad regulator? Switch?
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Yeah my driver side does that too. I did the reset button thing but only lasted like a day then started doing it again. I read up on it some More and it could mean new motor but I'm sure there is a specific way you have to reset it. Like for my Infiniti g35 to reset them you like open the door roll the window down close the door hold button wait till it comes back out and roll it up something like that but it's specific steps. I'm sure they're somewhere for the titan
Have you tried this reset?

Turn the key on

Roll the window down and continue holding the switch for 3 seconds

Roll the window up and continue holding the switch for 3 seconds

Should be good, if not, repeat.
I'll have to try this beats taking off the door panel and doing the reset butting thing.
Now do you turn the key to just acc or to just before start?
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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