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window tint help...

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ok so i had my tint replaced at the dealer when i had the oil changed last. i had it replaced cause of the scratched is the tint and i was expecting for them to replace the seals as well. wouldnt you know 3500 miles later the tint looks like $hit again. what do i do???? this is the 3rd time i have had the dealer replace the tint cause of the scratching and im over it. is there any type of felt or something that can be installed to prevent the scratching? thanks, derek
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It's not the tint, it's the gasket and the rollers.

The gasket scratches and the rollers make a huge ident line near the front of the window.

I love it how people yell "it's bad tint, get x pos crappy brand instead". doesn't work like that. we know what is causing it on the titan and any tint will be the same after some roll ups.
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