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Windows rolling down while parked

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Yesterday it rained all day and twice I went out to find that the Titan's 2 front windows had rolled down. The car was locked so the likelihood of the key fob doing it seems remote. It hasn't happened in the previous 2 months I owned it. Anybody else had this issue? Nissan says they cant find a problem with it.
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Just to join in. My Titan’s two front windows go down about two inches when I am parked. Happens like once a week. The big problem is that it gets to minus thirty or forty here and snowstorms. Sometimes cold and messy in the morning. The dealer wants more than the truck is worth to just look at it. $150.00 per hour to start. Fob is not the problem. I think it’s the cold shrinking a wire someplace. Or the Russians are testing new weaponry.
Sh a wire
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