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Winter Storage for Summer/track tires

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I know this won't apply to most of your Titan's but as many of you have other cars you might find this useful. If any of you are running Track Tires or Drag radials such as the Nitto 555R, the 555RII, Nitto NT01's of similar ultra performance track or RT tires (Falken 615, BFG drags etc.). Nitto Suggest you take them off for the winter if you live in a climate where temperatures drop below 32 degrees. They recommend storing them indoors at a temperature above 32 degrees and at 1/2 the normal running pressure. Drag radials and RT Tires are prone to cracking at freezing temperatures if this occurs have the tire inspected immediately. Attached is a picture of a tire that has cracked due to improper storage at cold temperatures.