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Wiring 3 way switch for lights

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So I haven't been able to find a thread about doing this, if there is one point me in that direction please and thanks.

I have a light bar on the front of the truck that will be holding a 32" LED bar on top and 2 LED pods on the bottom. I plan on using the pods for amber/low visibility cases and the bar for when I need some light. I'd like to wire to a 3 way switch to have just pods for "bottom on" position and pods and bar for "top on" position.

I know I need relays but have no idea how I'd wire them up to make this work.

Do I need a 4 prong relay? 5 prong? I should only be pulling 18 Amps with all 3 lights on (180W bar, two 18W pods).
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It wouldn't be hard to wire them the other way. Three relays required. Bottom contact on the switch to the trigger on one relay with the output for it going to the ambers. Run two wires off of the top contact on the switch to the triggers of the other two relays, output of one to the ambers, output of the other to the bar.

The relays typically come 5 prong, you'd only be using 4 on each of them. One is a ground, one is the trigger, one is the input from the battery, and the last is the output to the lights. The 5th prong, the center one, would go unused on them in this case. On your switch, low power would go into the center pin. The outside two are your outputs to the relays.
Actually, you could just run one wire out of the top switch and just use that one wire to power both relays for the "all on" configuration. They're very low current draw, so it'd be fine.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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