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Wiring 3 way switch for lights

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So I haven't been able to find a thread about doing this, if there is one point me in that direction please and thanks.

I have a light bar on the front of the truck that will be holding a 32" LED bar on top and 2 LED pods on the bottom. I plan on using the pods for amber/low visibility cases and the bar for when I need some light. I'd like to wire to a 3 way switch to have just pods for "bottom on" position and pods and bar for "top on" position.

I know I need relays but have no idea how I'd wire them up to make this work.

Do I need a 4 prong relay? 5 prong? I should only be pulling 18 Amps with all 3 lights on (180W bar, two 18W pods).
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Yeah I have 2 wiring harnesses complete with SPST switches. Since I have 2 blanks to the left of the wheel I can move some switches around to have them right next to each other and flip both at the same time. Probably easiest way since everything is already put together.

Honda, thanks for nothing.

Eakes, you or mbquart were the ones I was aiming for with the question. :big_grin:
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Thanks, Carbeaux. Unless I see a wiring diagram or picture for that I'll be lost. I think since I already have the two wiring harnesses (free) I'll just use those and put the switches side by side like Fishn. I'm planning on moving my Cargo Light switch down next to the pedal and rear sonar switches, then I'll put the two light switches where the cargo was and the blank next to it. Then I can reach over and flip them both easily if I want.
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