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Wiring 3 way switch for lights

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So I haven't been able to find a thread about doing this, if there is one point me in that direction please and thanks.

I have a light bar on the front of the truck that will be holding a 32" LED bar on top and 2 LED pods on the bottom. I plan on using the pods for amber/low visibility cases and the bar for when I need some light. I'd like to wire to a 3 way switch to have just pods for "bottom on" position and pods and bar for "top on" position.

I know I need relays but have no idea how I'd wire them up to make this work.

Do I need a 4 prong relay? 5 prong? I should only be pulling 18 Amps with all 3 lights on (180W bar, two 18W pods).
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two switches would be easier in my opinion....
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