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Wiring and Power Inverter Suggestions

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Well I am planning on wiring up my Titan in the next week to get it ready for my system. I want to future proof the wiring and was looking for guidance here. I want to be able to run an XBOX 360 in the future so I was wondering what you guys think I need in terms of:

- Gauge wire from the battery to inside the cab. Should I be running a 0 gauge?
- How large a fuse do I need for the one next to the battery
- What size fuses do I need on the distribution blocks (1. Sundown 100.2 amp, 2. Power inverter)
- What brand/make/model power inverter should I use

The following is what I will need the power for:
- 100.2 Sundown Amp for the subs
- XBOX 360
- Future 4channel amp (probably 400watts)

According to what I have found, the XBOX 360 has the following specs:
Input 100 - 127V - 5A
Output DC 203W
12V @ 16.5A
5V @ 1A

Tests had shown that it the XBOX 360 actually draws out about 194watts.

So knowing that the XBOX will draw out about 200watts from the inverter, what power inverter should I buy? Any brands you guys prefer over any others?
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OK, I'm bringing this thread back up to life even though it seams to be DOA.

Talked to a couple shops and all but one shop that does high end installs said that 4 gauge would probably work and that 0 gauge would either be overkill for what I was planning or wasted $.

Anyways, one shop made me think about my power inverter setup. Basically he told me how running from a 0 or 4 gauge into a distribution block with my setup would develop feedback or noise if the amps and inverter shared the same power source. He recommended running 2 separate 4 gauge power lines into the cab and run them on oposite sides of the cab. One line would be for amps only and the other would be soley for the inverter (he also said 8 gauge would also be more than enough for the inverter).

So what do you guys think? Should I keep with my original plan and run from a single cable into a block and split off into 2 amps and an inverter? Or should I now run 2 seperate lines, one for the amps and a second for the inverter?
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