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Wiring in a dvd player into the Rockford Fosgate System.

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Hi All,

I have had the truck nearly a week and already considering fun additions. I decided to opt-out of paying Nissan to do something I can do cheaper...and better. In so, I decided to get the Rockford Fosgate package which I believe has the prewiring for factory mobile DVD installation. Before I tear into the dash (which I'd love to get some instruction on) I'd like to find out what kind of inputs are on the back of the RF head unit which will allow me to tie the DVD player audio into the existing system and be able to use that nifty "headphone" button on the console. Is there anybody who has seen the backside of this unit?

Lastly what overhead monitor is best. I understand the 2008 can hold a 8 inch screen but the console seems to be the same as the previous 7 inch models. Where is an appropriate place to measure to confirm a unit will fit?

Any ideas?

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theres a thread around here on how to take the dash apart with pics. For the most part the radio just pulls out. I found this out myself after dis assembling the whole truck damn near once...

Hey my internet was down gimmie a break.
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