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Wish me luck on my INVOICE!

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Ok guys, I am taking the plunge, leap, hop, etc later on today (it's 3:22 A.M. right now) and hopefully purchasing my new Titan. Getting what I believe is a fabulous deal as well...$27,600 and some change for a SE 4x2 Crew Cab with the Popular Captains Chairs option, Big Tow, Utility Bed, Splash guards, and Mats. After a little haggling I was able to get the dealer down to invoice price. He was even willing to show me the Nissan inventory system with MSRP and Invoice prices listed. It REALLY pays off to skip right over the sales people and go to the Fleet Manager. Call him first before going in to a dealer otherwise you will most likely get a commission hungry salesperson trying to squeeze you for every last dime. By calling the FM first I was able to get him down to $500 over invoice.

I double checked the price with several car pricing websites and this is right at cost or less than $100 over (depending on the site). I haven't purchased the vehicle yet (didn't even provided a deposit) but yet they let me take the vehicle home tonight to for an extended demo and to make sure it would fit in my garage (only after folding those big *** mirrors in). Hopefully they won't try to figure in some additional costs but if they do I am backing out. Looks like I may even secure 3.25% APR over 60 months through my credit union.

Wish me luck guys. I really don't want anything to spoil this, so far, wonderful experience on a wonderful vehicle. Thanks guys (and gals) for putting together such a great website and hopefully I will become an "official" member of the Titan club soon.
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You pull this off and You are Dman!

How will he take the Titan back after driving it.... They may find a few hidden bucks off the guy once he gets hooked.
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