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wondering about installing a nav unit in my 05 LE

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I doubt its this easy but, is this all I need to install to get the navigation installed for my titan? 2003-07 Nissan Murano Navigation Display Screen OEM LKQ | eBay

if not (which Im sure) what else would I need? will it even work? Im thinking the wiring is already in the dash?
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You need a bunch more stuff and it is not worth it. If you want NAV, get an aftermarket head unit with NAV. Another way to go is to buy oem NAV bezel, 7" touch screen, and carputer.
I just purchased an Alpine INA-W900BT and it rocks. 7' touchscreen with DVD, Bluetooth, navigation, etc. Cost me $825
Yep. You can't assume all the wiring is there from the OEM. Nissan made a lot of different harnesses. Aftermarket is easier, just as, if not more than capable, and in the long run, cheaper. Plus, when you trade or sell the can keep it for your next ride:teeth::eyebrow:
Cheers, Lee S.
wondering if anybody could find me an example of one that will work on Ebay and post it ;-)
I sure like this one wonder how I would know if it would work and fit?

Versio 7"In Dash GPS Navigation System Car Radio Stereo | eBay
Never heard of Versio and unable to find any reviews, although the price is attractive. I can't find any reference in the ebay listing to backup camera input or option to add XM receiver which are common features of similar, but more expensive units.

As far as fitting, you would need to get the physical dimensions and compare to known posted installs of other brands using double din install kit. There is a round metal brace at the back of the recess for mounting the radio which limits the mounting depth such that some units will not fit.
Just go to, plug in your vehicle and see what fits. Don't forget to check out their closeouts as well:teeth:
Cheers, Lee S.
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