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would anyone want a nice service manual

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I went to autozone and could not find one. They looked it up and told me they dont make one for the titan. I found a nice one and I am going to bind it and make it friendly to use in the shop. would anyone be interested in one also. I dont know how much it would cost yet but just wanted to see if anyone would want one.
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a free one I came across on the good old net. It seems to be nice and it had a bunch of pics. I would have to see how much it would cost me but I am going to make one for myself for sure.
Its not but I will see what I can do. Its hard to use in the format its in thats why I am printing it out. It drives me crazy looking through tons of files to find out one little thing. I think a good book would be key!
GOOD POINT. I guess I will just make one for myself. I would post it but I dont want to get in any trouble.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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