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Would these rub?

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Im looking at getting these wheels with a 35" Pro Comp Xterrain or a Terra Grappler in 325/65/18.
I have a leveling kit at the moment will be adding CST spindles shortly.
4.5 B/S
Hub centric
18 x 9
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They will cause the tires to rub at the pinch weld and mud flaps at least. Narrow 35s can fit with a level kit on stock rims, but not on a 9" wide rim with 4.5" b.s. w/o major trimming, maybe even at other fender areas with 325/65/18s. Consider a 35X12.50R18 instead of a 325, and a 8 or 8.5" rim with maybe a 5.5" to 5" b.s. Still might need a little trimming though.

The bolt circle should be 6 on 139.7mm, (6 on 5.5").
I've got my lift up to about 8". My wheels are 9"wide with 4.5 BS -12offset and my tires are 35x12.5.

Even with this lift I had major cutting at the Pinch Weld and Lower inside corner of the fender.
Aww crap oh well, its a good deal 388 for all 4.
Thats A Good Deal... Do Some Cutting, It Will Look More Offroad! =0)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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