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Pulled my first load with my Titan this Sunday. I have a 26' Keystone travel trailer. This truck pulled this like it was not even there. My Chevy had nothing on the Titan! Just towed in 4 with the tow mode on and away we went. Went uphill with plenty of power left over.

Now for a bigger trailer HMMMM......:futwice:
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It was great, wasn't it? I pull a 27 footer with mine. It handles it with aplomb. It bears repeating: I LOVE THIS TRUCK! :lol: I bought it to tow, and it does not disappoint. :thumbsup:
That is exactly why I bought my Titan. Sometime we want a trailer with a little more weight and I know the Titan can handle it.
I have a 05 CC w/BT package, just bought a 30ft travel trailer. Towed in 4th gear with tow mode on in the N.C. heat (99-102 degrees). Towed at 60-65 mph with A/C on Max. No problems and plenty of power left.
Does your trailer have a slide out? How much does it weigh? This trucks pulls a lot!
That is one of the many things I loved about the Titan. It towed very good. I wish it had a biger payload but towing was a sinch. I have had over 2000 lbs in the back of my Titan (of course with airbags) and it handled that very nicely. It also did a great job towing my 25 foot TT with a slider at around 7000k loaded.
I thought that since there is a difference in wheel base between my old POS Chevy and the Titan, I would feel the trailer more. WRONG! I did not even feel the trailer and when i just touched the gas pedal, IT WENT!
My trailer is a single slide 27 Rockwood. As I tow it, it's prabably right around 6k. Not too bad.
I sodded my back yard and had to rent a trailer to tow a few thousand ponds of landscaping supply. I had to keep looking in the mirror to see if the trailer was still there.
That is what I want a single slide 27'. I think the slide is a nice feature.
I think my wife forgot the trailer was behind us so she read! We really did have to look back to make sure ther trailer was there. AMAZING POWER and a smooth tow!
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