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Write up on how to disassemble the coil overs?

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I'm looking for a write up on how to disassemble the front shocks/coils so I can install the stock coils on some bilstein shocks.
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You're going to need a coil spring compressor...or be able to borrow one...

1. blow off both wheels after jacking and jackstanding.

2. remove both lower sway-bar links from both sides

3. remove the upper control arm ball joint nut and seperate the spindle from the upper arm remove the 3 upper nuts from the coil bucket, and lower shock bolt.

4. pull out coil-over assembly, using spring compresser remove the large upper shock nut and remove the upper hat and washers. NOTE..DO NOT REMOVE THE LARGE NUT UNTIL THE SPRING HAS BEEN COMPRESSED!!
Very important to keep track of where all spacers and washers go!

5. READ Bilsteins the coil-over with your shiny new Bilstein according to instructions and how the upper hat came off the stock shock. NOTE: The upper hat must be "clocked" just like it came off.

6. re-install the new coilover assembly in reverse order that you took it apart..NOTE: Do not re-use cotter pin, buy a new one! NOTE 2:...The lower shock bolt hole is a little oversized, so make sure the bolt is good and tight!!

7. I highly recomend having at least the toe-in checked, if not a full frt alignment.

8. Enjoy...:cheers:
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