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Wrong Rear Diff Ratio to Front, Possible Solutions?

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The rear axle shaft on my 04 excab 4x4 snapped while I was gently cruising. Turned out the axle bearing had siezed and spun inside the shaft. My warranty failed to cover as the bearing caused the problem and only the shaft was covered.. they still agreed to pay for a used one and referred me to one. It was gone and I purchased an identical one from CA (going to CO). After weeks it arrived and got installed, except the 4x4 wouldn't go in. All this with new calipers was $1200...

Only to find out I was recommended the incorrect ratio. It's my fault as well for not knowing and checking.

I had and have in the front a 2.937
The new rear now installed is a 3.357.

I have the old rear still, but am unsure of the condition of the gear and pinion.

Driving with the 3.357 for the first time changed my perception of this truck, and come to find out it's the tow package ratio? I love it and would like to keep, but I Have to have 4x4...

What are my options here?
-Buy a new 2.9** rear end..
-Can I Swap the ring and pinion in the rear easily? (Basic tools and mechanical capable. )
- How much harder is it to swap the ring and pinion in the Front to match the new rear end?
-Besides 2 new speed sensors (only seemed a little off) what else needs to be done to change the ratio? Can I do it myself? (Ie shift points etc)

Appreciate any guidance. Thanks
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Swap in a 3.36 front diff.
yep, +1 to that, just buy a front M205 with 3.36 and be done.

its as you said, going to 3.36 is an improvement and after having it in the rear and feeling it, i dont see how anyone would want to go back.

your easiest option is just to swap diff's

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