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WTB 18" Gunmetal/Smoke Wheels

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WTB 18" Charcoal/Gunmetal/Smoke Wheels

I am looking for a set of the charcoal/gunmetal/smoke colored OEM wheels in decent shape within about a 100 miles from Tampa, FL (maybe alittle further)

Let me know if you got em

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I have the factory that came on my 05 when it hit 17,200 i took them off and added these, would you like to meet me and buy the 18 factory. they only have 17k on them i have all four and never had a flat before

I live in south Georgia, about 4 hrs from you. let me know if this sounds like a deal
Are you refering to the Charcoal/Grey wheels or silver wheels when you say factory?
yea, when you get the truck new, they have the dark gray upgraded wheels, (18')
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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